Welcome to Defining You!

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My journey to a peaceful and happier me started with terminating relationships with people who brought death to my life! Recognizing your self-worth will cause you to change your whole perspective.

-Martrice S. Kennedy


Daily Journaling

This past week or two has been filled with storms, downpours, sunny days and extreme heat. I might even say my emotions have showed itself just as much as the weather. One thing for certain it is God who has and continues to bring peace to me. His peace exceeds my understanding.

Daily Journaling

Since my 30 Day positive word challenge I have purposefully thought before speaking. If I made an error I apologized quickly, if I needed time to myself I took the time. Most importantly I began using the word of the day in correspondents.

Partaking in this experience allowed me to gain a better since of control over my day and share it with others. Hope you too can reap these benefits.

Happy Journaling!!